Quality Products from the Outwood Butcher's

Prime local Beef; Fillet, Rump, T-bone and Sirloin. Cuts for stewing, braising, BBQ and frying. Tender Pork; Fillet, Legs, Shoulder and Loin. Succulent Lamb; Shanks and Fillet, Shoulder, Chops and all the parts in between. Fresh Poultry; Chicken, Duck and Goose. Game: Pheasant, Partridge, Venison Haunch, Rabbits, Wild Ducks. And plenty of English Offal. As well as our fantastic Sausages, Burgers and Home Cured Bacon.

Wonderfully fresh eggs, beautiful cheeses, butter, locally made bread, Local honey and jam, seasonal veg, even charcoal, logs and kindling, chestnut poles for your beans and a fine range of carefully selected wines.